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Taxes should be easy. A simple process from the comfort of your home done by a Tax Professional.

No More Waiting In Lines

No More Second Guessing Tax Software

What is TaxCured?

A revolutionary new way to file your taxes without leaving the comfort of your home. Create a profile, upload tax documents, and have a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) prepare your tax return with a 100% guarantee that your tax return is filled correctly.

"Filing Your Taxes Should be a simple, quick process"

Why TaxCured?

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Our CPA's review and sign off each tax return, a luxury normally not offered with online tax preparation systems.

Simplified Process

Just answer our simple questionnaire and upload all of your tax documents to your private portal.

Attention To Detail

Our verification system assures that tax returns are prepared with the utmost diligence and attention to detail.

100% Guarantee

If by any chance we missed something on your tax return, we will amend it at no extra cost to you.

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That has Prepare Your Tax Returns

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No More Guessing

Ever prepare a tax return using online software and not know whether or not it was done correctly? We found that it’s a feeling that has been experienced way too often. We are here to bridge the gap between tax preparation and technology. By the use of propitiatory software, we have managed to allow you an online experience with a CPA service.

Personal Storage

We offer our clients a secure web portal where they can save their current year as well as past year tax returns and tax forms. No longer will you need to search the whole house for that lone folder, or take apart your computer just to find that one file that is needed to finalize a loan. We keep everything for you in one place utilizing the latest in high end file encryption.

How TaxCured Works





file taxes with ease and save time in the process.

By introducing technology into the tax filing process, we bridged the gap that was created by online tax preparation software and a CPA’s review:

> We collect the needed information from you.
> Our qualified CPAs prepare your tax return. 
> We delivered the return and forms to you. 
> All done at the comfort of your home.

Which Plan Is Best for You?


$ 84
  • 1 W-2
  • 1 Interest & Dividend Form
  • Education & Student Credits
  • Standard Deductions
  • 1 State Return


$ 99
  • 3 W-2s
  • 3 Interest and Dividend Form
  • Education & Student Credits
  • Itemized Deductions
  • 1 State Return


$ 149
  • Home Owner Package +
  • 1 Brokerage Statement
  • Schedule C
  • Itemized Deduction
  • 3 Charitable Contributions


$ 249
  • Self Employed Package +
  • 2 Brokerage Statements
  • 2 Schedule C's
  • 3 K-1's
  • Unlimited W-2's
  • Itemized Deductions


If you do not fit under a specified pricing plan, we will adjust the price so that you do not end up paying for additional service that you do not need

Safety of your data is a high priority

Implementation of up to date 256-Bit encryption allows us to process, interact and store your return with full comfort that your information is safe.

256-bit encryption is a data/file encryption technique that uses a 256-bit key to encrypt and decrypt data or files. It is one of the most secure encryption methods after 128- and 192-bit encryption, and is used in most modern encryption algorithms, protocols and technologies including AES and SSL.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A revolutionary new way to file your taxes without leaving the comfort of your home. Create a profile, upload tax documents, and have a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) prepare your tax return with a 100% guarantee that your tax return is filled correctly.

This credential is a standard among tax accountants, and is given to individuals who have passed a rigorous four part examination called the CPA exam. In order to receive the license, they are required to attain experience working under licensed professionals. A CPA designation is the highest designation available for tax accountants. Individuals with such licenses provide their service to the wealthy.

We usually aim for a 48 hour turn around. Off course, there are times that the turnaround period can be longer or shorter depending on the volume of tax returns we have.

Utilization of up to date technology, we are able to greatly decrease our overhead. These savings we gladly pass onto our customers.

Our vast experience and knowledge of the tax code guarantees we will be able to service all of your tax needs. If for some reason we are not able to deliver you a finished product, we will let you know within 48 hours. Remember, you are only charged when your work is complete and signed by a practicing CPA.

If you have a unique circumstance, we will work with you to prepare a complete and correct tax return. If there is a price differential, we will let you know ahead of time so that there are no surprises.


About Us

TaxCured was created with one goal in mind, to simplify the tax process for Individual returns. We broke down the process and reshaped it in order to make it easier, time saving, and cost effective to file your tax return at year end.

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